The Most Attractive Prices at Trust Pharmacy in Autumn 2020

Trust Pharmacy is one of the most successful drugstores operating on the Internet. The number of their clients has already exceeded several millions. They serve customers from different corners of the world.

Let us discuss this platform in detail to find out whether it is worth trying.

What Drugs Do They Offer This Autumn?

In their catalog, there are products for solving all the common chronic and acute health problems: from painkillers, fever reducers, eye drops and birth control pills to remedies for such severe conditions as diabetes, hepatitis C, oncology, heart diseases, depression.

There, you can find everything needed for taking proper care of your health during each season. So, in autumn, most customers renew supplies of fever reducers, pain killers, remedies for chronic diseases that tend to become acute at this time of a year, for example, arthritis or kidney problems. Autumn is a high season for allergy, offers a rich selection of antihistamine drugs, since it is the period when ragweed blooms and spreads its harmful pollen. In addition, as it gets colder outside, most clients start to prepare for the traditional season of respiratory infections. So, they order herbal supplements to boost their immunity and to build up their health. And one should acknowledge that, at TP, there is an herbal supplement for every health need. Also, TP regularly runs seasonal sales and offers discounts on those products that enjoy the highest demand at the corresponding time of the year.

In addition, there is also a wide selection of meds and healthcare products that stay popular all year round: hair loss solutions, diet pills, products for quitting smoking, remedies for chronic diseases, etc. The drugstore pays special attention to men’s and women’s health. These are the two priority categories for them. They offer drugs for treating all the most widespread sexual and reproductive problems, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, loss of libido, infertility, menopause symptoms, fungal infections, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

One more fact worth mentioning as a separate point ― in addition to brand-name medications, they offer generic alternatives that are equally safe and effective, but much cheaper. In general, their assortment is wide and comprehensive enough. You can buy all the drugs you and your family need on this platform. That saves time.

What about Their Prices?

Like at most online drugstores, at Trust Pharmacy, prices are much lower than at offline facilities. More to the point, in some cases, the difference may exceed 50%. For example, Viagra 100 mg, which is one of the bestsellers at this online pharmacy and enjoys huge demand during all the seasons, costs about $53 for 8 pills, which means about $6.5 per pill, while, at offline US pharmacies, the price is around $400 for 6 tablets, which is about $65 per tablet. As you can see, if you turn to TP, you can reduce your expenses by about 10 times. Most insurance plans do not cover drugs for erectile dysfunction, and customers have to pay the full price. In both cases, the prices are indicated for brand-name products, so there is no difference in safety or effectiveness. However, if you choose generic Viagra, you will not notice any difference in quality either, while the price of the medicine will be even lower. Sure, in the case of other drugs, the difference in prices will also be dramatic.

If you compare prices at Trust Pharmacy with those at other online drugstores, you will see that they are reasonable and attractive enough. However, there are also websites with cheaper prices. But one should acknowledge that such generosity looks pretty suspicious, and there is a high risk that it is associated with the poor quality of drugs offered. Medicines produced from high-quality ingredients cannot be sold for peanuts. You had better avoid choosing such doubtful offers.

To make sure that a pharmacy chosen is trustworthy enough, read customers’ reviews and search for extra information about it on the Internet. If you have even the smallest doubts, look for another website that will seem more reliable.

Key Pros and Cons

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of this online drugstore. Have a close look at them, so that it is easier for you to decide whether to turn to this company or not.


  • a good selection of meds;
  • international shipping;
  • trackable delivery (it is a more expensive option);
  • free online consultations with pharmacists;
  • privacy protection;
  • discreet packaging.


  • their shipping services are a bit overpriced, trackable delivery costs $30;
  • standard airmail delivery is too slow and will not suit those customers who are in urgent need of meds.

In summary, one should say that Trust Pharmacy is definitely a must-visit platform. Compared to other online drugstores, this one is highly competitive. They offer a good assortment of meds combined with affordable prices and beneficial discounts. In fact, if you want to order medications on the Internet, there is no special need to waste time surfing through other websites. You will hardly find more advantageous offers.

Certainly, if you need certain drugs right now and cannot wait for a package to be shipped, it is better to turn to an offline pharmacy, as, even if you choose the most expensive delivery option, your order will arrive in several days only. But, again, there is a high risk that, at local offline drugstores in your city, prices are several times higher than at TP. So, if you want to avoid overpayments, you had better scrupulously plan your purchases and order those medicines, which you take daily or regularly, in advance ― on the Internet.